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Ray Nelson
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De Nelson Klan

Your garden is a mess

Have you ever been on a long vacation? What do you see when you return to your home? Your garden is a mess and overgrown with weeds. Some like you and me clean it up at once, but others just leave it as it is and suddenly the garden is most like a jungle and impossibly to clean up. What do you do?
Call De Nelson Klan!

Who is De Nelson Klan?

It's not easy to say where De Nelson Klan comes from but studies in the past have found a clue. More specific it's an old photo showing the family except Jenni and dated 1918. It seems to be a family with international connections. Maybe Aarhus in Denmark. What written back on the photo is Spanish and Danish. What important is that one of the successor is Ray Nelson and he owns the company Nelson Industrial Moving.
Click on the pictures to get a better resolution.

De Nelson Klan
Back of the photo with a note in Danish
Back of the photo with a translation 

Nelson Industrial Moving

If you need a thorough clean up in you garden. Just call Ray Nelson and the company Nelson Industrial Moving will come and do all the hard work for you. The company has many tractors mainly Massey Ferguson and John Deer. For really heavy duties Caterpillar will also join the tractors.

Massey Ferguson ready
Nothing can stop this Massey Ferguson
John Deer is ready for duty

Caterpillar on heavy duty
This owner has not cut grass in five years
Where is the third driver? He pick up beers. What else?


Rebuilding of house

To give a better impression of what Ray Nelson is able to do you can look at these two video clips. Just doubleclick on the links

John Deer 1    (7.8 MB)
John Deer 2    (4.5 MB)

As in many other companies there are also "helpers" who take part of the jobs. Here is one who without doubt has fun.

Richard Thiel   (3.1 MB)  (Don't tell anybody, but this is my boss at Danfoss Hago)

When Ray Nelson has cleaned you garden he is also able to help you with rebuilding your house if needed. Just give him a beer or two (per quarter hour). If the job is going too fast then Ray Nelson has a trick - busted tires. Have a look. Can this really be accidentally?

Beer break
He seems to think a lot
Look in the circle to the right 

Interesting is that Ray Nelson has many old-timers. This is a great opportunity to introduce Tilting-at-the-Ring with old-timers in US.

Thanks to Ray Nelson who has provided the pictures and video clips.



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